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T&C Project Ningbo-Moon Lake▪ Pano Center Started to invite investments



Located in Tianyi core business district of downtown Ningbo, near Moon Lake at the intersection of Zhenming Road and Guangji Street, Moon Lake▪ Pano Center was invested and developed by Ningbo Xinda Zhongjian Real Estate Co., Ltd., and its investment invitation and whole operation management were entrusted to T&C.
Moon Lake▪ Pano Center is another project brand of own-operated “Pano” series after Shanghai Xinhui Plaza of T&C. “Pano” series will include community-oriented Pano center, city area shopping center-oriented Pano City, large scale complex-oriented Pano Plaza and other different levels of business. The word “Pano” means "brand new", "innovative", "roundup", and "convergence", representing abundance of commercial activities and completeness of products, as well as a preferred meeting place for friends and families. In the future, T&C will create a brand new consumption experience environment, shopping pattern and lifestyle for consumers.
“Moon Lake▪ Pano Center” is located opposite to Moon Lake which is a city park with richest cultural heritage in Ningbo, near Drum Tower Commercial Street, and is a fashion and leisure center which integrates leisure, dining and living. The project demonstrates unique style of modern architecture, chic landscape, clever set-back model design features, etc. Completion and opening of the project will provide a different exquisite and leisure place for the residents of Ningbo.
T&C will take full advantage of the city-level core section of this project to achieve upgrade of characteristic living consumption of the residents in the central urban area of Ningbo, and will take the initiative to achieve differentiated positioning, introduce characteristic cultural format, realize integration of surrounding business districts and 5A tourist attractions, and attract cross-regional people consumption; meanwhile, opening of Metro Line 2 will bring a lot of passenger flow to this project, and the flow of people in Ningbo Station will also increase the popularity of this project.
In the future, culture and business of Pano Center will bring together 5 formats, i.e. national studies center, wedding culture center, electronic commerce center, cultural & creative business center and culture&food center.
The national studies center takes traditional education of children and adolescents as a link, supplemented by all customers’ traditional culture experience, to quickly enhance tonality and radiant energy of this project; the wedding culture center will create a modern one-stop brand-new experience center of private theme wedding goods/wedding planning; the electronic commerce center combines the off-line business opportunities with the Internet, make the Internet a stage of off-line transactions, and the experimental platform of brand-new business model; the cultural & creative business center will organically combine the cultural industry and business experience; the culture&food center will introduce many food brands that Ningbo do not have, including domestic and foreign cooking skills, to bring a new experience for the taste buds and sense organ of the residents in Ningbo.



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