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T&C and Many Brands Stationed in Shanghai Parkside Plaza


Within six months since T&C team stationed in Shanghai famous shopping center- Parkside Plaza project in late June 2014, the rental environment of Parkside Plaza project has undergone a huge upgrade and improvement.

T&C team successfully promoted the project from the following three aspects: First, put forward the concept of U.A.M. in terms of orientation planning, namely that the business environment brand improvement increases public space utilization and reasonable division and delayed consumption of shops. Secondly, re-set renewed business standard, to leave a reasonable space for ensuring the implementation of repositioning planning (either from choice of the brand, rent, and shops). Third, centering around the planning and positioning scheme, T&C considered the format distribution, brand level, brand awareness, effective rents and other factors, and gradually adjusted.

By the end of 2014, T&C investment attraction team signed with a total of 38 brands, successfully leased the project’s originally vacant, F3 and F4 non-investment best floors of 7,000 square meters, and introduced a number of brands for the project, such as the Starbucks in second floor, chace luxury, LOGIN3D, Clinway, A +, Galaxy Visitor, Beichuang, Dibaotoys, Coochu, Caffe bene, Sweethoney Dessert, Letangkou, Sugar Report, Amazon children jungle adventure, Maina Jerry early childhood, Xingkong Piano, Jilimi curry house, Zaozhidao bar, Jizhoudao Menxianhui, Science restaurant, Cuimei Xiaochu restaurant, Mianheju restaurant, Papa Pasta, Happy Children playground, Chuandongdayuan hot pot, Yuku grilled fish restaurant, Chuanpopo restaurant, Youjian Yinyue bar, Shandingdongren barbecue restaurant, H3 fitness, yoga club and so on. Compared with the original rent budget, the average rent growth rate reached 35%. The rent of part of the shops was increased by 1.5 times, and occupancy rate was increased by 15%.

In 2015, T&C will continue the outstanding performance in 2014 and introduce the internationally renowned retail, catering, and entertainment brands that first enter China or Shanghai for Parkside Plaza project.

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