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T&C Signed the Shanghai • Pano City Project


Last week, T&C and Beijian Huaqing Industrial Co., LTD. held a signing ceremony. reached an agreement on lease of the original E-mart project at Lianhua South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, for 20 years. T&C took over the project by way of investment and management, and in the future, will adjust and upgrade the project with professional team and rich experience in commercial operation. The cooperation marks that T&C begins to upgrade the business system with an investment and management mode in the commercial real estate industry and also marks the second project T&C has been signed after Wangjing Pano City in Beijing since T&C started its expansion.

After taken over by T&C, the original E-mart project will be renamed as “Pano City”. Like Wangjing Pano City in Beijing, Shanghai Pano City is another project brand of proprietary “Pano” series following Shanghai Pano Plaza and Ningbo Moon Lake Pano Center. “Pano” series will include community-oriented Pano center, city area shopping center-oriented Pano City, large scale complex-oriented Pano Plaza and other different levels of business. The word “Pano City” is pronounced “Xin Hui”in Chinese pinyin: “Xin” means it is brand-new and novel; “Hui” means gathering and assembling, representing abundance of commercial activities and completeness of products, as well as a preferred meeting place for friends and families. In the future, T&C will create a brand new consumption experience environment, shopping pattern and lifestyle for consumers.

Shanghai Pano City Project is located in a key development area in Shanghai -- Lianhua South Road and northwest corner of Yindu Road, Minhang District, adjacent to city expressway S4 (i.e. Songmin Road) and close to Subway Line 5. Minhang District, located in the central region of Shanghai, is a key transportation hub, an important industrial base and new district of science, technology and aerospace in southwestern region. “Chunshen Demonstration Area”, the location of the project, is one of the four demonstration residential areas in Shanghai and a key area in the tenth five-year plan of Minhang District. In the future, it will develop into a residential cluster area covering 1.7 million square meters with convenient traffic, mature business circles, and condensed dwelling populations.

After entering Pano City, T&C will comprehensively adjust and upgrade the project, with enjoying family life as core value of the project, and make Pano City a family life center that can meet the daily necessities of residents around the project area, so as to build a high-quality living area in western Shanghai where people can enjoy an exquisite life.

The project regards middle-income families in the surrounding areas as core consumer group and the business people around the working area as the secondary target consumer group.

The project will be reflected in the three special features:

“Culture”: different “cultures” being exchanged and perceived here.

“Life”: a quality supermarket, friendly to people, having good interaction with middle-income residents and meeting the needs of daily life and official use.

“Experience”: based on living situation, creating sensory experience and psychological identification to stimulate consumers’ consume awareness and shopping behavior.

The project has started to invite investments.

Investment Hotline: 021-63308899

For media inquiries, contact the Marketing Department of T&C.        Tel: +86 10 5994 2255        Email: marketing@tcsychina.com