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T&C Was Invited to the 12th China Commercial Real Estate Industry Development Forum & Annual Conference 2015


T&C Asset Management Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by T&C Investment Consulting Company, Everbright Ashmore and Warburg Pincus in 2009 in China. As a professional retail real asset management company, T & C provides domestic and foreign developers and institutional investors with comprehensive services, including project development and management, research and planning, agency, investment agents, operation and investment. 

On April 10, 2015, Allan Tang, Managing Director of T&C, was invited to the 12th China Commercial Real Estate Industry Development Forum & Annual Conference 2015. The Forum was initiated by the China Commercial Real Estate Association and jointly held by a number of industry authorities to interpret the impact of latest macroeconomic policies on commercial real estate in a timely manner. The conference’s topics gathered highlights, hot points and difficulties in commercial real estate industry, and included systematic reviews on the industry development in current years and the overall outlook on the trend in the next year. In this conference, Tang Yao was an honored guest in the part of opportunities brought by the “asset-light tendency” in commercial real estate and the impact on the industry. Allan Tang discussed with other guests about the “asset-light tendency” in commercial real estate industry.

In the conference, Allan Tang believed that dealing with light-assets needs correct understanding of capital’s characteristics. For instance, the well-known Wanda Group cooperated with two of our shareholders Everbright Ashmore and Sichuan Trust recently. First, the trust deals with “short-term money” while commercial real estate deals with long-term held projects. This cooperation mode of “short-term money invested in long periods” was very dangerous. The cooperation had the problem in the mismatch of capital and assets. Now the concept of asset-light tendency called by a lot of well-known commercial real estate developers is not the asset-light tendency in true sense but simply another mode or channel of financing. The real case of asset-light tendency in commercial real estate should be T&C’s main business currently: whole charter properties. This business is entirely funded by the company’s shareholders. Now this model has been in full swing in Shanghai and Beijing. As for ways to withdraw capital concerned by all of attendees, Mr. Tang said: The key is not how to withdraw capital but whether the capital has the value and qualification to withdraw. There are many ways for capital withdrawal, but firstly, you need to make property returns. Be it little or large of returns, the key is to focus on creating and realizing the return of the property and only professional operations can create value.

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