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Delicacy Zone on the Fifth Floor of Pano City Was Unveiled Recently


The first to the fourth floor of Wangjing Pano City, owned, operated and managed by T & C, are under comprehensive upgrade. A few days ago, a series of hand-painted-illustration styled temporary street enclosure captured people’s eyes and added a touch of bright colors to the slow-paced Beijing spring. Re-appeared Pano City will also combine rich format mixes to cover all the needs of main consumer groups, and provide residents in Wangjing district and the project’s coverage with personalized catering, entertainment, recreation, shopping and other new consumer experiences as well as more convenient, worry-free and high-quality life facilities.

Recently, a number of new food and beverage brands have appeared in Pano City’s delicacy zone which has been in normal business and has been providing consumers with leisure and recreation, and more food and beverage options at the same time.

Pano City’s “surprise trip” has disclosed a clue by the well-known national chain nutrition restaurant brand – Qigucun Rice Noodle that is famous for the verse line of “Willows in the wind, Qigucun in downtown; simmered in the crock, enriched by northern and southern flavors”); the Chinese traditional food chain brand - Long Cube Restaurant that cherishes the tenet of “leading fashion, conscience quality”; the famous “Taiwanese cuisine leader” -Royal Chicken; the flavored tea -Tea Land that is featured by classical tea heritage and the perfect combination of fruit, milk, grain and other materials;, the famous soft ice cream brand - Dairy Fairy (DF); the famous Italian coffee brand -LAVAZZA that has a history of a whole century.

In addition to the above brands, the popular new favorite - Sixteen-flavored Noodles, the store that frees you from busy life for a moment – Fruitime and the store with pure “Korean” flavor – Shi Yi Guo will also be unveiled in Pano City in recent days. Pano City’s fifth floor has prepared the new look and brands for consumers.

In the future, Pano City will create more surprises, and strive to create the most intimate and comfortable leisure facility for consumers and develop into a novel, diverse and happy place that gathers people from everywhere.


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