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Wangjing Pano City Project Signed a Contract with Well-known and High-end Children Amusement Brand PPKIDS


The commercial project of Beijing Wangjing Pano City is owned and operated by T&C and has the largest scale of whole-floor children experience format plan in Wangjing area. Recently, the well-known children amusement company - PPKIDS signed a cooperation contract with Pano City about entering the third floor, in order to meet the need of surrounding families and children.

PPKIDS was founded 10 years ago. After several years of research and development, PPKIDS has got the safety and quality certifications in Europe and the United States, which enabled PPKIDS to penetrate into 23 European countries’ amusement systems. In 2010, PPKIDS became a strategic partner of the Disney Channel and has been setting up scenes and providing supporting facilities for children sitcoms of the Disney Channel. Last year, PPKIDS introduced the joy of Disney Channel to Beijing, hoping to serve more Chinese children. All of PPKIDS’s facilities are designed by famous British designers and all the equipment are imported from the United States and Germany with materials and designs fully internationalized. No homemade paint is used in the play center and the adhesive has zero pollution and injuries. PPKIDS has kept improving the quality and now is the only operator to use all leather-wrapped amusement facilities in Beijing.

Last year, PPKIDS joined the Swire INDIGO project and was widely welcomed and praised by the general public. Recently, Pano City project with 370 square meters signed a cooperation contract with high-end children amusement brand – PPKIDS. PPKIDS will be open when the shopping center opens as a whole. PPKIDS is bound to bring families and children more joy and surprises with larger area. 

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